Wallpaper Wednesday #6: David Danforth

Are you tired of looking at the same wallpaper on your phone or computer? So are we, so we’re launching “Wallpaper Wednesdays” featuring our pick of the week to be the picture you look at when you check the time on your phone, or when you sit down to check some emails!

This week’s picks are from artist David Danforth @reellocal on Instagram! Be sure to read our quick interview with him below.

Flylords: So, tells us a bit about yourself?
Dave: I am a Florida native. I grew up in Tampa Bay, and currently live in downtown Tampa… I was introduced to fishing at 2, with the classic cane pole and or a zebco reel. While most kids played sports, I was camping on islands building hammocks and learning about the environment from the Florida Keys to 10k islands. I grew up with cheese grits, sweet tea and fish fries. Surfing and fishing the beaches of Florida and always traveling the state pursuing another adventure. As I got older, my family moved to Tennessee where I fished the lakes and streams. After I turned 18, I saved $700 and moved back to Florida by myself. Worked as a sales trainer in the corporate world for 10 years, and turned sketches on napkins into a full time job so that I can spend more time with my kids. I have a three year old son that thinks he is a spartan, and two beautiful girls that fish with me every chance they get. Now I do custom commisions, sell my art, work for myself and with some awesome brands to give them a unique and fresh look to their gear.

Flylords: What did you gain interest in first fishing or art?
Dave: When I was in elementary school I would bring markers and give kids tattoos in exchange for their lunch money. I think I was the only 6-year-old making $40 a week. I always had an eye for creating images that popped into my head and putting them on paper. I have always done art, however, combining art and fish only started about 7 years ago when I decided to start a brand for SPF fishing shirts. That journey started when I was sunburned after fishing for redfish near Weedon Island. I went the next day to buy a shirt and was unimpressed with the shirts being $60 just because someone’s logo was on it. I decided to just make my own, and not jack the price up on it. Which later snowballed into doing art full time for myself and other companies.

Flylords: Who are some of your biggest role models in either the fishing or the painting scene?
Dave: Fishing Scene…anyone that has figured out how to travel and fish for a living. I have a few great friends that have figured out that if you do your passion daily, you will never work a day in your life. Aussie Fly Fisher is a great guy and so is Matthew of Taylor Reels. I love the innovators. There is a collective of entrepeneurs floating around… I am friends with several people who put their art and passion into whatever it is they are creating. Art is art it does not have to be painted to be a creation. A few examples of my good friends in the industry are Drew Chicone – His books and flies, Yusniel Santo’s artwork, J Martinez’s artwork, 239 Flies. We exchange ideas and push each other to go big or go home. If we all work together everyone succeeds, and we will bring a new culture to the fly fishing scene. A new wave of creators. As far as role models, I like Hemingway’s attitude a lot, Basquiat’s art is an influence, and Guy Harvey’s business savvy is incredible.

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Photos Courtesy of David Danforth. Be sure to check out the rest of his awesome content on Instagram @reellocal!

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