Gearing Up to Get Out There This Spring

As every Fly Fishing Angler knows, gearing up is half of the fun to Fly Fishing. In this video by Gear Patrol, they go through everything any angler could need in order to be warm on the river this Spring. As you know, it is important to stay comfy and warm on the river in order to get the most time fishing.

The video starts out with outwear that will help keep your core body warm while fishing. The video then goes into the lifesaving tools and glasses that every angler needs. Lastly, Gear Patrol goes through the pros of the new Orvis waders and lightweight wading bots when it comes to staying warm on the river.

Whether you’re fishing in Alaska, or just going down to your local stream in Pennsylvania, this video by Gear Patrol has you covered.

This film was created by Gear Patrol. Be sure to check out more of their videos on the Gear Patrol YouTube page.

These instructional videos are curated and written by team member Sam McLean (@sam_d_mclean).

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