Video of the Week: Wild Fly Productions: Idaho Series Ep. 2

In this week’s segment of Video of the Week, we check back in on Wild Fly Productions graduation trip to Idaho. In the first video of the series, we watched Wild Fly, Scotty, and Sam sling big bugs on the South Fork of the Snake. In this episode, we catch up with both Scotty’s on their mission for big Cutthroat, a few beers, some carp, and maybe a comet will make an appearance as well. So sit back and enjoy some amazing videography, some unreal fish, and carp on the dry fly?

No joke there actually is carp eating dry flies, fishing under a comet, and some truly unreal cutthroat caught. If you arent already, be sure to follow Wild Fly Productions on Instagram so you can follow him along on these spectacular adventures!

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