Video of the Week: Wild Fly Productions: Idaho Series Episode 1

Well, another week has passed and we find ourselves in the same predicament as last week. It’s only mid-week and you are thinking about that big fish that refused your dry over the weekend. Well unfortunately I don’t have a cure-all for missing fish symptoms but what I can provide is another chance to live in someone else’s wading boots for about 14 minutes or so. In this segment of Video of the Week, we take a look at Wild Fly Production’s spontaneous trip out to the great state of Idaho.

Image Courtesy: Scotty Finanger

In the first installment of his graduation trip, Scotty meets up with Scott Kennedy, and Sam Miller to fish the famed Salmon fly hatch on the South Fork of Snake. Great weather, big fish, and good friends make for a pretty spectacular session. So sit down, grab a beverage, and enjoy some epic footage.

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