Video of The Week: Double Haul Media’s “The Bob”

Image Courtesy: Double Haul Media

Some trips on paper look better than how they turn out. Well, this wasn’t the case for Conner Grimes and Double Haul Media and their pack trip out to the remote interior of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. 60 miles in on horseback helping the guys from Cheff Outfitters get prepared for the upcoming elk season. Plenty of wood was prepped and chopped but the monotony of chopping wood was happily intervened by the plentiful cutthroat willing to take a dry fly.

A chance to disembark from everyday life and disconnect was a major factor for this trip. The opportunity to get away from it all and live in the moment where you can watch a beautiful cuttie rise from the bottom of the creek to eat your dry fly and then play cat and mouse with a bull trout is not your everyday scene. But for Conner and the boys, this was life for 8 days. 8 days of horses, cutties, and splitting wood. Nothing better.

Image Courtesy: Double Haul Media


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