3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Streamer Fishing

The beauty of fly fishing is that there is not one specific style or necessary path for catching fish. Analyzing conditions, species, and location all play factors into the style of fly fishing you plan on using. Whether that is fishing with dries, swinging wet flies, or stripping streamers, they all deserve a place in your arsenal. Today we will be focusing on streamer fishing with this tips and tricks video of the week. Matt with The Northern Angler will breakdown 3 quick tips to improve your streamer game.

Tips for Improving Streamer Fishing

Tip #1: Practice Casting, Shooting, and Managing your Line

  • Practice, Practice, Practice. That is the name of the game when it comes to casting.
    • Spend time on the water hitting specific pockets.
    • Place a hula hoop in your lawn and practice landing your flies as close to or in that area.
    • When shooting line and going right into the strip, keep the fly line positioned between your thumb and pointer finger. Think of it as you are making an “OK” sign and allow the line to stay within the circle. This will make the transition to the strip much easier.

Tip #2: Change Up your Presentation

  • Don’t limit yourself to a simple stripping motion when retrieving your fly.
  • Learn to animate a fly using your rod tip. This can be achieved using the jerk strip motion. When stripping the fly, simply jerk the rod to add animation.
  • Change up your retrieving cadence.
    • Allow for pauses in your strip as this type of action can be intriguing to fish.
  • Practice the Jig retrieve method as well.
    • Simply lift the rod tip in an upward motion when stripping your fly in.
  • Just experiment with everything, it is all guess and check when it comes to streamer fishing.

Tip #3: Learn the Strip Set

  • This is the most effective way to set the hook when streamer fishing. Your goal is to drive the hook into the mouth of the fish eating the streamer.
  • When you feel the take, pull your fly line directly backwards to secure the hookset.
  • If you perform the typical trout set, often times you will pull the fly right out of the fish’s mouth.

There you have it, streamer tactics that will surely help you during your next outing. For more tips and tricks, visit The Northern Angler’s YouTube page by clicking here.

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