As anglers spring is a unique time for fishing, some rivers get the water that they need and start to fish really well. While most other rivers tend to run high and dirty. Spring really gets the excitement going for warm weather and dry flies yet it still presents plenty of unique challenges. In this video of the week, we catch up with Wild Fly Productions and his search for new water amidst the spring runoff. The volatility of spring weather can flip fishing plans upside down. Spring for a lot of us means getting creative with where we fish. Maybe Stillwater becomes a factor, fishing at a lower elevation, or just waiting for the high water to go down. In this case, Scottie and his buddy Benny hit the road in search of new promising water in a rather less than ideal weather pattern for small mountain creeks. Enjoy as the guys hike around these gorgeous Appalachian mountain streams in search of wild Browns and rainbows.


Check out his YouTube page here: Wild Fly Productions 

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