Video of the Week: What’s Your Why?

In our latest video of the week, we get to hear from Randy Hicks, the owner of Rocky Mountain Anglers. Randy shares with us his reasoning behind why he loves fly fishing so much, and some of his backstory for getting into the sport.

He opens the video by saying, “If you can go fishing and not catch fish, and still enjoy the day, I think that that angler is the one who’s the real winner.” I think that this is a very true statement, but not all may understand it. For some people, fishing is all about catching the fish, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I think that there is much more to fishing that some people do not understand. Randy hits the nail right on the head by explaining how he gets so much more out of fly fishing. He goes on to explain his story behind his fly fishing journey and the “why” behind his passions. Be sure to check out the video to hear everything that he has to say!

This video was created by Yakoda Supply. Be sure to check them out on YouTube for more.

The video of the week is selected and written by FlyLords team member Conner Grimes.

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