Video of the Week: ANTHONY

For this installment of Video of the Week, we had the chance to ask Nerijus Rupciauskas of Black Fly Eyes a few questions about one of their newest films, ANTHONY. Fly Lords: There are some amazing shots in this film that capture top water insect eats. Did it take a while to film this, or is it just happening that often?

Nerijus: We used a few shots of rising fish that we had filmed before but usually if you are at Rena river at the good hatch, water is boiling from rising fish everywhere and to catch those shots on camera is way easier when you have a bunch of rises around you.

FL: Can you tell us a little bit about how important tippet size and fly selection is for these fish?

N: Day time and sunny weather tippet size might be important (like for Anthony we went down to 0.13) but as usual we are using 5X tippet and in the evening when the sun is down we go with 4X. Rena river is rich in insects and some of the fish might be very selective and eat just one type of them so fly selection and size can be very important. Some other fish might be feeding on every bug floating pass by and they are way more easy to catch.

FL: Do these fish move much during the season? Do you expect Anthony to be in the same spot next year?

N: I actually don’t know how much they move. We filmed Anthony in 2017 and the plan was to get back to the same spot in 2018 for to find him again to continue the story. So we did that and visited the same spot twice but never found Anthony there. Instead there was a nice 1kg brown trout sitting all the time there. Not sure if he moved somewhere else or this brownie pushed him away or some angler caught him.

FL: What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to target fish with a dry fly?

N: GO TO THE RIVER! Meet people, talk to them, try to fish with someone who is already in the dry fly game and learn from them. Don’t do that on youtube, google, films, etc. I don’t say its bad cause i did it my self too but you lose so much time. From the angler who fishes dries you can learn so much more in few fishing trips together and it would take for you maybe a few years if you study it by PC.

Black Fly Eyes has some amazing films in addition to the one that we featured this week. Be sure to check out their Vimeo and Instagram page to stay up to date with their latest releases.

The video of the week is selected and written by FlyLords team member Conner Grimes.

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