Fly Fishing Destination Video of the Week: The Great Shaku Hunter

In this week’s Fly Fishing Destination Video, we follow iconic fly fishing filmmaker Rolf Nylinder into the depths of Japan in order to explore the mysticism that surrounds “The Shaku Hunter”.

If you enjoy fly fishing filmography, there is little chance that you haven’t heard of Rolf Nylinder and his signature style of documenting his adventures on the water. Normally based out of Sweden, Rolf’s style is that of fine European art. His ability to culminate unique camera work, poetic narration, and homemade music into his shorts provides viewers with a work of art, unlike anything they’ve ever witnessed.

In this short film, Rolf and friend Markus venture into the mountains of Sendai along with the Shaku Hunter in pursuit of the elusive Iwana (Japanese Char) and Yamame (a landlocked masu salmon). In order to successfully be considered a Shaku Hunter, one must catch one of these fish that measures over 30.3cm, a task that to some may never be accomplished. Follow along on their adventure as they explore a sacred sect of fly fishing that delves further into the cultish aspects of this fascinating tradition.

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Video courtesy of Rolf Nylinder 

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