Video of the Week: Rod Time with Big Joe

For our latest video of the week, we had the chance to sit down with Joey Mara of Waist Deep Media and ask him a few questions about the film.

Fly Lords: How did this trip go from idea to reality?

Joey: Haha well Rod Time doesn’t have a lot of structure or pre planning involved. Really we just wanted to visit one of our favorite fisheries, get mic’d up and do what we normally do. A heavy amount of editing on my end is usually required.

Fly Lords: Looks like you saw some really cool wildlife. What was the coolest thing you saw?

Joey: I always love seeing the wild horses. There were lots of cool wildlife sightings but not many places have wild horses.

Fly Lords: What techniques were you using to catch these fish?

Joey: Our first choice is always to strip streamers but this film wasn’t too focused on the actual catching part as you might have noticed. The Lahontans are cruising the shore looking for food so it is an exciting fishery. There’s one drone shot at 4:02 where you can actually see a big pod of them in the lower left corner of the shot.

Fly Lords: What is the Montana Fishing Film Festival?

Joey: The Montana Fishing Film Fest is a grassroots film festival featuring original content from around the West. It’s now expanded to over 20 stops in five Western states. This year it came to Seattle for the first time and we turned it into a fundraiser for the @wildsteelheadcoalition.

Fly Lords: What projects are you working on next?

Joey: We are really excited about the next couple projects. The first is a profile piece about the front range lakes of the Blackfoot Reservation’s giant rainbows shooting early May. The second will be a multi-day float trip on the Kettle River in North Central Washington searching for cutthroat, rainbows, browns and brookies!

To keep up with Waist Deep Media and their future projects, be sure to check them out on Vimeo and Instagram!

This interview was conducted by Fly Lords team member Conner Grimes.

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