Video of the Week: Goodoo

One of my favorite things about fly fishing is the diversity of species that you can target. Murray Cod is a species that has drawn my attention for quite some time, and this film shows why they are such a cool fish to target on the fly. Although I have never had the chance to target them myself, from videos I have seen they remind me of our aggressive smallmouth bass. This fish will be on my bucket list for a while, and I hope to scratch it off one day.

In this film, Josh Hutchins of Aussie Fly Fisher targets these fish on some tiny creeks in Australia. It is so cool to see such a dominant fish in such a small body of water. Check out this full video to see the aggression and power that these fish have.

This video was created by Aussie Fly Fisher. Be sure to check them out on Instagram and Vimeo for more awesome content!

The video of the week is selected and written by FlyLords team member Conner Grimes.

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