In this Video of the Week, we catch up with Vision Fly Fishing in their newest “Another Hard Day at the Office” segment. Antti Guttom enlists the help of Antti Kalliosaari to target big Zander on the fly. A very non-traditional fish species on the fly for many reasons. Zander as it may look similar to Walleye is actually referred to as a European pike perch. While most Walleye anglers focus on depth and low light conditions, Zander Anglers have found that they like to target fish in shallow bays and are very aggressive. These habits were just waiting for a curious angler to get creative and start to figure them out, which is exactly what Antti Kalliosaari did. With the help of side-scanning and 3d imaging, the guys have figured out a way to play video games while fly fishing. So sit down, turn on the subtitles, and enjoy as the Antti’s target Zander on the fly using some rather unique tactics.

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