“You’re either a permit fisherman or you’re not and if you are a permit fisherman then you understand more times than not the permit win. If you want advice don’t be a permit fisherman.” – Wil Flack. In this week’s segment of video of the week, we catch up with Wil Flack on an Anchored Outdoors fishing story portraying the life of guiding and fishing for permit. Wil Flack is originally from Vancouver island surrounded by trout, salmon, and steelhead. After high school, he began traveling around the world and after his second day of being in Belize, he knew someday that it would be his home. Wil puts it best, “the water, the fishing, there are moments in your life when you’re just affected by something and it changes you as a person, and Belize did that for me.” So sit down and enjoy as Wil touches on the finer points of fly fishing for permit and well the not-so-finer points as well.

Belize has the second largest barrier reef on the planet, it’s about 200 miles long and creates a fantastic inshore fishery for Bonefish, Permit, & Tarpon. Wil Owns and operates the Tres Pescado fly shops based out of Ambergris Caye and Hopkins village in southern Belize.

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