TU Costa 5 Rivers Angler Spotlight: Rachel Brinkley

The Trout Unlimited Costa 5 Rivers Program is community of over 140 College conservation–focused angling clubs around the country that seeks to engage the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts through recreational fishing and advocacy for the fisheries that unite us. In this TU Costa 5 Rivers Angler Spotlight, we highlight Rachel Brinkley the founder of the fly-fishing club at Idaho State University. 

Rachel is a graduate student and current president/founder of the fly-fishing club at Idaho State University. Her graduate research project is looking to identify the historic populations of sockeye salmon in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.

This work is critical to understanding the holistic picture of what is needed to be done to bring back native salmon to their historic numbers in the region. She has recently founded Red River Co, an apparel company that seeks to fundraise money to help restore native salmon in Idaho.

To find out more about Rachel, follow the RedRiverCo (@redriverco) and the Idaho State Fly fishing Club (@rachelbrinkley) on Instagram. For more information or to start your own TU Costa 5 Rivers college angling community on your campus, visit www.tu.org/5rivers or email andrew.loffredo@tu.org 

Trout Unlimited Costa 5 Rivers 2021 Program

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