It’s needless to say that 2020 has been a year that will be burned into our collective memory, and that’s not just because of the pandemic outbreak. The fly fishing world seemed to explode before our eyes as more and more new folks decided to give fly fishing a try. We had the honor of highlighting numerous brands and individuals in the fly fishing industry, focusing on how they were weathering the COVID storm in our “Staying Afloat” series. We even produced a film in this year’s F3T, “Time“, focusing on one of fly fishing’s living legends, Flip Pallot. But, more than anything, we are grateful for all of our loyal readers for following along this year, we could not do this without you! We’d like to extend the deepest thanks to all who have contributed stories to the Mag, your adventures, tips and stories of legendary fish keep us inspired, and never fail to get us stoked to get on the water.

So, on this, the final day of 2020, we wanted to look back and share the most popular stories of the year and a few of our favorites as we prepare our gear and stories for 2021!

Most Popular Stories of 2020

#KickRocks Campaign Stands Up Against Cairns

8 Trout Fly Patterns to Tie During Quarantine

Underwater Footage of Striped Bass Blitz Will Get Your Blood Pumping

How to Tell the Difference Between Stocked and Wild Trout

Feature Length Fly Fishing Films You Can Stream For Free!

Editor’s Picks

Staying Afloat Presented by Fat Tire

Introducing the Staying Afloat Serieswhere we take an inside look into the lives of many different fly fishing guides, shops, brands, and lodges across the world in hopes of finding out how the CO-VID is affecting them, what they are doing to help, and how we can do our part to help them.

Faces of Fly Fishing Series

Faces of Fly Fishing: Riverhorse Nakadate

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Small Business Spotlight Series

The 3 Bearded Brothers of O’pros: A Talk About Family, Fly-Fishing, and Facial Hair

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2020’s Behind the Lens Interviews with the Fly Fishing Film Tour 

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