Throwback Video of the Week – “Fly Gal” April Vokey

This week we are throwing it WAY back to a 60 Minutes episode with April Vokey. This is a preview of a full feature from back in 2013. With so many women interested in fly fishing today, it is interesting to see how different things were only 5 years ago.

In the video, April is interviewed about her presence on the river, her popularity, and her passion for fishing. In a sport that was heavily dominated by males, April was making a strong career in the fly fishing industry. When the industry once referred to her as a “cupcake in waders”, she proved them wrong with her strong personality as well as her ability to catch some monster fish. Check out the full video to see what she had to say.

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The video of the week is selected and written by FlyLords team member Conner Grimes.

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