Fly Community Reacts to the Infamous Theragun Fly Fishing Ad

As fly fishing continues to flow into the mainstream, more and more brands are creating ads involving our past-time. So far, it seems the ads either hit the mark, or they miss their intended audience by miles, and this seems to be the case with a recent Theragun Mini ad.

The Theragun ad is simple, an angler in waders slips into the water, makes a few casts and then, for whatever reason, reaches into their hip pack and pulls out a triangle-shaped massage gun.

My first thought: “Who the **** carries a massage gun that takes up 65% of their pack out onto the water?”

Well, we weren’t the only ones triggered by the ad, and the fly fishing community took to the comments in what may be one of the funniest comment sections we’ve seen in a while (We’ll see how the comments on this post go). Our friend @NoKype captured some of the funniest comments, check them out below!


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If for whatever reason, the ad somehow piqued your interest and you want to pick up a compact TheraGun for your fly fishing adventures, you can pick one up here.

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