Fly Fishing Commercials That Made Us Say “WTF”

Every time we see a new commercial featuring fly fishing, we get a little suspicious, most feature either filmmakers with seemingly no fly fishing familiarity and the result is usually hilarity. So we figured we’d comb the internet and find some of the worst, and funniest commercials featuring fly fishing, enjoy!

Ugly Stik – Not a Hippy Stick

Shots fired! Ugly Stik pushed out this ad a few weeks ago and the results were amazing. The video opens on two bearded dudes with spin rods sitting in a tin boat while the narrator laments about the “hipsters out West waving hippy sticks.” Meanwhile, the two anglers make some horrendous casts and land a solid 12″ bass. If you need a laugh, this is the spot for you!

GNC Multi-Vitamins

This gem has been circulating around the fly fishing Instagram and Facebook world the past week or so, and for good reason. And honestly, it left us speechless. Outside of the fly fishing attire, everything is just plain wrong, from the upsidedown rod to the strangest fly cast we have ever seen. We strongly urge the next fly fishing commercial filmmaker to please…please consult an angler before they try to make one of these again.

Bell’s Whiskey – Great Catch

Coming from our Scottish neighbors across the pond, this commercial is simply funny. After the local pub owner locks the pub keys inside. They enlist a local fly fisherman to put his skills to use to save the day…and the whiskey!

Still trying to figure out what this one is about…

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  1. The last one, cloud 649, is a lottery commercial here in Ontario, Canada. It’s called Lotto 6/49 (6 numbers between 1 and 49). The background noise is a workplace lottery pool in a mechanics who just won “the 649” as we call it. That commercial made me fall in love with fly fishing.

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