Trout Unlimited found its beginnings in the place you would fully expect it to, the bank of a river. As they were dropping their skiffs into the water on the Au Sable River in Michigan, George Mason and George Griffith shared their concerns for the river and the fish they held so dear. From that boat launch, the seed was planted to start an organization to protect our wild and native fish populations. As we celebrate the fish they dreamed to save over 60 years later we are able to take a look back at the timeline of the big wins, people, and places that brought us to this moment. 

“If we take care of the fish, the fishing will take care of itself”

– Art Neumann

Trout Unlimited timeline
Graphic by Ryan Michaelis

While Trout Unlimited has been going strong for over 60 years now, this is just the beginning of the story. We must continue to join in the fight to protect our coldwater fisheries. If you are interested in joining this fight go check out your local chapter and become a member here.

Catching Up With Trout Unlimited: 2021

Anglers Driving Change: Rene Henery – Trout Unlimited

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