Tis the season, and we are excited to bring you our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Many of these products we have tested in the field, some are from friends, and some are just too cool not to include. Here are some of our favorite products for 2018!

1. Civilware Striker Folding KnifeIMG_0026The new Striker Folding Knife features a split frame-locking titanium and G10 handle, with a recurve blade.  This has been our go-to knife this year during Flylords adventure. This shot was taken in the Belize salt fishing with Go Fish Belize.

2. Thomas and Thomas Zone Rod
The Zone series pushes the envelope in both performance and price, bringing the latest R&D from Thomas & Thomas to more fly anglers than ever before.
We have been testing out this rod out for a while now, and we are extremely impressed. Take a look at our in-depth review when we sat down with T&T rod designer Joe Goodspeed. 

3. Denver Outfitters Rod Vault

Photo: Landon Ecker

For the anglers who are on the water enough, the Rod Vault might be the perfect gift this holiday season. Not only will it save you time, but you can also protect your gear!
Built from the highest quality aircraft grade Aluminum tubes, with a non-abrasive plastic liner, and insanely tough reinforced nylon housing, The Rod Vault ensures both security and superior protection for your best fly fishing rods and reels on all your fishing trips! Maximize your time doing what you love.


4. NorthFace Hoodie
Northface Crushed it with this design. The Flylords team spent two weeks traveling through Brittish Columbia this fall, and this jacket was a perfect layer to wear underneath the waders. Unfortunately, it looks like the Duck Camo sold out, which we were suckers for, but the other colors look solid also!

5. The River Rapid by EcoFlow
“Your ultimate charging companion just got a lot smaller: RIVER Rapid is the smallest and fastest lightweight 5000mAh portable charger there is.”
This little gadget has saved our butts quite a few times. In the photo above we are actually stuck in the middle of the BC wilderness. Being able to keep our phones charged with just one bar of service we were able to call for help. The dudes who designed these batteries worked for DJI (The Drone Manufacturers) – The technology they have been developing is pretty insane.

6. Seager Co + Stetson Hat180817_VALASEK_009882_2048x2048.jpg
Let’s be honest. It’s time to grow out of the trucker hat look on the water. JK JK we love the trucker hat look. But we have been pretty obsessed with Stetson ever since our trip down to Montana to visit Bush Creek Ranch. The hat above is a collaboration between Seager and Stetson, check em out!

7. Sight Line Provisions + Simms Bracelets
We love when two badass companies come together to collaborate. And that’s exactly what happened when Sight Line Provisions and Simms came together to produce these killer bracelets. The design is exclusively accented with GORE-TEX tipping on the band, a unique touch that speaks to the craftsmanship of generations of Wader Makers at SIMMS in Bozeman, Montana. Limited quantities available in this one-time offering. Made in USA.

8. Costa Sunglasses Untangled Collection
Talk about a company doing some cool things. We have had the fortune of working with Costa for a while now, and they keep impressing us with not only their innovations but their dedication to conservation and protecting our fisheries.
“We’re taking fishing nets that are at the end of their lives and giving them new ones by recycling them into our latest collection of polarized sunglasses, The Untangled Collection.”

9. Flylords Dancing Bear Skiff T
We are excited to be expanding our collaboration series with the Grateful Dead. Our latest designs include the infamous Dancing Bears on a flats skiff. Illustrated by one of our favorite artists Jay Talbot. 

11. Yakoda Fly Tin
Our friends at Yakoda have been cooking up some pretty rad products lately, and we had to include their new Fly Tin in this holiday gift guide. Cudos for the innovation!
“Small and lightweight, the Fly Tin is ready to be outfitted for your next trip—as a creek kit, loaded with tailwater favorites, a hand-picked selection for high alpine lakes, or stacked with the stuff that works on your home waters. Plenty of room for bushy dries inside the lid, 23 small to medium-sized nymphs or dries on the foam and micro midges in the magnet tray.”

12. Railriders Adventure Pants
unspecified-3Railriders Adventure Gear has been supporting flylords trips since day 1. And we can honestly say we have put their clothes through the elements! From battling swarms of insects deep in the Bolivian Amazon, to stalking bonefish for miles in the flats of the seychelles, these clothes have seen it all. It was tough to choose just one item, but the railriders adventure pants are our favorite fishing pants, hands down.

13. Scientific Anglers Amplitude Line
DSC_2593We have been fishing the SA Amplitude series for several months now, and have been blown away by the performance of these lines. They are definitely worth checking out!
“The Amplitude Smooth series of lines are, simply put, the highest-performance smooth fly lines in the world. With up to five times less drag and eight times the durability of traditional lines, this will change the way you look at fly line performance.”

14. Peak Design Everyday Backpack
Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 4.52.59 PM.png
The Perfect Adventure / Photographer backpack. Yes at $250 bones this thing is quite pricey, but honestly, we have not seen a backpack engineered like this thing ever. This peak design bag has traveled with the Flylords team for the past year and a half and is still going strong. We highly recommend this for the serious photographer!

15. Mavic 2 Pro with Polar Pro
untitled (69 of 104)
The new Mavic 2 Pro, is an absolute beast. Faster, stronger, better, all around. We have been flying the original Mavic for about a year now and decided to finally make the upgrade when DJI announced this beast. Here are a few of our first thoughts…

16. Axis Go Waterproof Housing
This thing is badass… We did an in depth review for Axis Go a few weeks ago, and if you are considering making a purchase it’s worth the read! 

17. Flylords Waxed Canvas Hat
untitled (48 of 388).JPG
One of our favorite hats, back by popular demand. Waxed Canvas with the Original Flylords logo!

18. Ross Reel Animas
We have been using the new Ross Animas for the past two months and have been really impressed by this workhorse. A great price point, for a truly quality reel. Check out our in-depth review!

19. This is Nowhere – Jermery Koreski
It’s always good to support photographers, especially photographers who inspire you. Jeremy Koreski is an incredible photographer, and his book This is Nowhere features some of his best work. This is definitely worth the purchase and would make a great coffee table book! Check out our exclusive interview with the man!

20. Abel Nippers
Are they expensive, yes. But are you going to find better nippers on the market? Probably not. Made in the USA, these badass little nippers would make a great stocking stuffer for the holiday!

21. Down by the River Children’s Book
Andrew Weiner’s “Down By The River” is the first of it’s kind – a children’s book about fly fishing. The book tells the story of a grandfather, mom, and son going on a trip to the river. Complete with detailed illustrations by April Chu, the book explores nature, family, and fly fishing in a comforting and familiar way.

22. Grip 6 Belt
untitled (77 of 93).JPG
We love seeing innovative companies release products that have a story. The New Gip 6 Belt conservation series donates 10% of gross sales to partners like The Wild Salmon Center.

23. Yeti Panga
Yeti’s Panga series has been an absolute game changer for our team. When it comes to shooting fly fishing content, it’s always a battle with the weather. The Pangabags have been protected our gear for the last year and we can’t say enough good about these bags. Yes, they are pricey, but worth the investment. Kudos to Yeti for another kickass product.

24. Patagonia Danner Boots
We’ve been waiting on this launch for a while now. Two badass companies coming together to develop one of the greatest wading boot ever made. These won’t be ready until February, but had to make our list!

26. Howler Bros x Jay Fletcher
The Howler boys have been leading the way in the fly fishing space when it comes to innovative designs and conservation collaborations. The new Jay Fletcher collab was too good not to be included in this list. Combining one of our favorite brands with one of our favorite graphic designers.

27. Badfish Boat Towel
It’s always good to support the creative homies, and this Boat Towel is pretty Fuego!

28. Las Truchas Permit BeltPerm.jpg
Curated by the awesome Maddie Brenneman, The Las Truchas Permit Buckle is created by Chicago-based blacksmith, Wesley Groot at Cityboy Forge.

29. Donate to a Non-Profit
In the mix of all this shopping also don’t forget to give back to some of the incredible non-profits this industry has. Here are a few of our favorites!

30. Eno Hammock 
A simple gift that makes every adventure a little more comfortable.

31. Outerknown Blanket Shirt
Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 6.52.15 PM.png
One of our most comfortable purchases of the winter. Kelly Slaters brainchild Outerknown continues to impress us with innovations and badass clothing.
32. Spawn Fly FishIMG_0074.JPG
Streamer season is now year round! Spawn Fly Fish fly heads are injection-molded for superior durability and consistency. Add an already painted Spawn Head to your baitfish patterns for an irresistibly realistic look. Try the blank heads for a truly customized fly. The new translucent heads will allow your favorite materials to shine through. No matter what you’re looking for, Spawn Fly Fish is your one-stop streamer shop.