The Tiny Angler

Meet Westley Wade Lim, a 4 year old angler from Vancouver Island, who comes from a long line of fishermen/women.  His parents met working at a fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii, and both have a big love and a long relationship with the water.
This tiny angler is arguably, the most adorable fly fisherman on the Quinsam River in Campbell River, Vancouver Island.
I couldn’t make this guy up if I tried. This is so him.  He talks fishing, spends hours pouring over dusty old fishing books and daydreams about his bucket list of fishing hotspots and trips.
ww5-1502.jpgI’ve seen many a confused look on his playschool playmates faces as he chats away about all sorts of fishing-related lingo.  It’s the kind of passion that some spend a lifetime searching for.
ww5-1534.jpgIf you ask him what sort of fishing he likes he’ll chuckle and say  “any kind of fishing”. He can tie flys, rig cut plugs, spey cast, set his own hooks, when asked what he wanted to do for his 5th birthday party he shouted “Halibut fishing in Nootka!!”.
He loves old school fishing, buck tailing for cohos in salt chuck Often using gear that’s been hidden away in treasure boxes for decades.

ww5-1826.jpgHe’s just as happy to catch and release as he is to cook up and eat any of his catches. While other 4 year olds are watching cartoons this guy is watching captain Quinn Weekly ‘Cast Northwest’. ww5-1928.jpgHe is almost 5 and is filled with old salty soul fishing magic as well as an imagination and zest that can bring a smile to even the coldest heart. He is truly one of a kind.ww5-2109.jpgHe’ll walk up to any fisher person inspect their catch, ask what they were using, and rattle off some sort of fishing story back at them.  I have no doubt in my mind that his life with be one packed with fish tales and adventure. ww5-2235.jpgJust yesterday he reeled in an 18 pound Chinook Salmon off the Quadra Island lighthouse near Campbell River.  I am confident that you haven’t seen the last of this little legend.ww5-1687 (1).jpg

Photos and words courtesy of Vancouver Island based photographer Erin Wallis. Check out Erin’s work on her website at And follow along with Westley at @oldbabymen.—Go-Fly-Fishing/

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