Shark week is here people! Which get’s us excited about sharing Shark on fly stories every single day for the next week. Up first is the Lemon Shark. The flylords team headed down to the Florida Keys last week to see if we could find some Shark action. When it comes to finding sharks in the keys it doesn’t take very long… If you have some chum and sit in the right area they will come right to you. Have a little fresh meat scent on your fly and you will be in business. This small Lemon swam right up to the boat and inhaled the fly.

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After the fish was hooked it put up a great battle, even for the 12 weight rod we were throwing. The line wrapped around the push pole and the angler (BTT’s Ross Bucek) decided to jump in the water to avoid breaking the fish off.

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While battling the fish, a second rather large Lemon swam straight at the angler, which made things interesting. This was also a good reminder to be careful when fishing for sharks. If you are chumming you should probably stay out of the water. And if you are going to try and handle the fish outside the water, make sure you know what you are doing.

untitled (34 of 46)-2Fun Fact about the Lemons: Often feeding at night, these sharks use electroreceptors to find their main source of prey: fish.untitled (33 of 46)Shark Attacks?? Lemon sharks do not represent a large threat to humans. The International Shark Attack File lists 10 unprovoked lemon shark bites, none of which were fatal.

Photos by @jzissu

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