There are so many destinations for the avid Spey fisherman from Steelhead to Atlantic Salmon but nowhere on earth offers a chance to swing up the rainbow trout of a lifetime like the Naknek River in King Salmon, Alaska.

I’ve had steelhead fisherman that connect with these Naknek rainbows and are not prepared for the ensuing battle. They bring click and pawl reels and realize these late-season rainbows are a different class of fish. Heavy and very strong, these fish use the mighty Naknek to their favor. Very much a challenge on the traditional setup. Of course, the modern reel certainly offers many advantages but man those old school reels scream!

If anyone is looking for a real challenge on a two-handed rod then look no further than Katmai Trophy Lodge. The last week of September through October and into November offers the best chance at a true trophy rainbow.

For more Alaska rainbow trout content, be sure to check out Captain John McCloskey at @dryflyjohn or +1.678.873.6079.

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