Santa Cruz: The Steelhead of Patagonia

The mighty Santa Cruz river, located way down south on Santa Cruz Province in Patagonia Argentina has one of the few (if not the only) run of Atlantic Steelheads in the world.
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These powerful fish were introduced in 1906 by an initiative of the National Government bringing the genetics from the McCloud River.
The steelhead adapted very well to the environment, and in the last 30 years haven’t been disturbed at all.
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We still don’t know much about these unique fish, just a few studies in the last decade showed where they spawn and how many times they came up-river to reproduce.
As fly fishermen, we are angry and disappointed that there is a new project moving forward to build two big dams in the middle section of the river in the next 5 years.
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We know exactly what that means…
Destroying the only river that runs directly from the Glaciers National Park to the Atlantic Ocean is something that won’t be shown in a typical Impact Study.
How can you help? Take a minute to fill out this petition. #nodamsonsantacruz #nodamsinpatagonia #riosantacruzlibre #tresamigosoutfitters #damnation
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Juan Biott is a expereinced fly fishing guide down in Patagoina. Himself, Claudio Martin and Pollo make up @tresamigosoutfitters. They have been scouting this river for more than a decade and now running the only lodge operation at the Santa Cruz river consistently for the last 5 seasons. Be sure to check them out at
And be sure to check out the article below, @tresamigosoutfitters is doing guided trips right now for these giant kings.



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