5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Taimen

Video: Jako Lucas

Yakutia, Siberia – While swinging big flies for massive Taimen, Jako Lucas connects with a massive fish! Some truly epic drone footage in the film “Yakutia” that was featured in this years Fly Fishing Film Tour, the full film is definitely worth a watch if you like watching huge fish crush flies!

And if you’re curious, check out some crazy facts you probably didn’t know about the Taimen:

  1. They are the largest in the Salmonidae family (sharing with trout and other salmon species). Growing to over 60 inches (approx. 1.5m) and living upwards of 50 years.

  2. They are native to only a few remote regions in Russia and Mongolia.

  3. While most of their diet is fish, they are known to take down other victims in water such as rodents, birds and even their own species.  Some of their favorite non-fish preys are ducklings, gophers, mice and even beaver. Yup, you read that right, they eat beavers!

  4. They have been known to hunt prey in packs as well, earning them the title, “The River Wolf”

  5. A Mongolian legend tells of a giant Taimen trapped in river ice. Starving herders were able to survive the winter by hacking off pieces of its flesh. In the spring, the ice melted, and the giant Taimen climbed onto the land, tracked down the herders, and ate them all. So maybe catch and release is the best way if you value your life.


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