Last Chance to Make Your Voice Heard Against Harvesting Wild Steelhead in Southern Oregon

Sign the Petition! (Deadline December 15th at 9:00)

You can sign the Native Fish Society’s petition to protect the wild steelhead runs of Southern Oregon where officials are still considering allowing the harvest of these wild fish prior to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission Meeting on December 16th at 9 AM Pacific Time. For those interested, you can follow the link below to further amplify your voice by testifying during that OFWC meeting!

Register for the OFWC Zoom Meeting!

 Now, it’s not fresh news that the PNW’s wild steelhead population is in terrible shape, climate change, over-harvesting, and dams are just a few of the plethora of conditions causing the steady decline of wild steelhead. Anglers have gone as far as signing “One and Done” pledges aimed at reducing fishing pressure to allow steelhead to successfully make it upriver to their spawning grounds with limited stress.

You can read more about the issue in our article below:

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to Consider Harvesting Wild Steelhead


  1. The time is here for all river fishing for trout and salmonids to be catch and release only. Everywhere.
    Even if only a few percentage wise keep a fish, with millions fishing, fish population falls. Locally, even one angler who keeps his limit daily can empty a river area of reproduction size fish.
    Hunting seasons were once seen as radical. Making all trout and salmonids catch and release may seem radical. But, the time is now.

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