Orvis: Make Your Voice Heard and Stop Pebble Mine

Orvis just released a “Wake-Up Call” urging everyone to make their voice heard regarding the ongoing struggle against the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay. Featuring guides, lodge owners and Alaskan voices fighting to protect one of the richest and wildest Pacific Salmon Regions in the world. We urge everyone who has a passion for conservation, fly fishing and the protection of our precious natural resource to make sure you sign petitions and call your representatives and urge them to support Congressman Huffman’s amendment that will put an end to Pebble Mine development!

Make your voice here at SaveBristolBay.org

Representative Jared Huffman Works to Protect Bristol Bay and Block Pebble Mine

Save Bristol Bay- Keep Commenting!

Pebble Mine’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement Released….Grim Outlook For Bristol Bay



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