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We are incredibly excited to launch fishing reports for the Salmon River in New York, brought to you in partnership with our friends at The Salmon River Newbie. We will be updating these reports all Steelhead season to help you decide when to head north and brave the elements for a shot at some Great Lakes Steel!

Lower Section, Salmon River


The river continues to produce typical Steelhead days and then less than mediocre days. Due to the quick warmup and snowpack, the water level was raised to 1000 CFS with 1300 CFS at Pineville. Due to this rise in the water levels, the visibility was not great. High water levels on the river were causing most fish to move to the outside. Some anglers were able to find fish outside of the usual spots. During high water periods, we recommend that you be cautious of literally stepping over fish as you try to wade. The fish are going to be closer to the banks.

As of Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, the predicted water level has gone from 750 CFS to 1000 CFS. At this time there is no weekend water level. We should assume due to precipitation and warmer weather that they will stay at 1000 CFS or higher. Please keep up on Instagram Stories at @salmonrivernewbie!

If you look on the map, there are two additional icons to look at for better reports.

The ice cube icon is for shelf ice or ice. This is to caution you of shelf ice, which can be dangerous. Please note that we can only give you a report on areas where our anglers are fishing and send us reports.  We cannot cover the whole river during this time, so we recommend that you use caution when stepping out to fish on the river.

The snowflake icon is for slush or heavy snow. This is just to give you an idea that slush is causing issues.


Section-By-Section Report:

Douglaston Salmon Run

The DSR was reporting mixed results due to the higher water level.  The anglers that I spoke with were able to find fish down low and up on top of the run.  The middle, which has been good during the lower waters, was not as productive.


Anglers reported having success from Little Black Hole, The Town Pool, and offshoots of the river in town.  Parts of the upper Ball Park were productive.


Again received reports from above 2A to the Railroad Tracks that there was some activity.  As for the concentration of fish, it will be between Trestles to the Lower Fly Zone. In these sections, if you are swinging it, will be tougher to find success.  Most fish because of the concentration of eggs, fishing pressure, and cold will only grab if it gets down to them and directly in front of their faces.

Reports Provided by The Salmon River Newbie

For more detailed, daily reports go to www.salmonrivernewbie.com

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