How You Can #SaveTheSeason

The effects of COVID-19 are being felt throughout the industry, but perhaps one of the hardest-hit sectors of the fishing industry overall has been felt by the guiding community. But all is not lost, thanks to the team at Postfly Box and Badfish, a fund is being put together to raise funds to help the men and women who have guided us all and given us more information and fabulous fishing experiences than we could ever ask for.

New England Guide Jamie Boyle

From SaveTheSeason.Org:

We are very grateful to have met so many incredible people in the guiding industry throughout the years. They have taught us invaluable lessons, shown us their home waters, but best of all shared their hospitality and friendship with us time after time.

Now is our time to return the kindness and generosity.

For most guides, their livelihood is dependent upon their fisheries, and it’s the fish that often dictate how, and when, these guides can make a living.
Every guides’ fishing season may be a little different, but for a large portion of guides, it is an extremely seasonal and volatile window.

These captains, guides, and instructors spend their entire year focusing on making every last second of this window count. That often means costly investments such as boat maintenance, trailer repairs, new oars, upgraded equipment, brand new tackle or flies, and the list goes on.

Adirondacks Guide Rachel Finn

For much of the guiding community, this time of year is the time they rely on most to be able to provide for themselves and their families for the entire year.

Unfortunately, due to the effects of COVID-19 many people in the guiding community have had cancellations due to travel restrictions, less recreational spending, and safety concerns.
The income they were relying on is now a fraction of what they had planned for.

Texas Guide Alvin Dedeaux

We ask our community to join together to #savetheseason for guides affected by these cancellations. We have started an emergency relief fund here. We ask our fishing family to please donate and spread the word. If you know a guide struggling with cancellations please direct them here.

There are no better stewards of our fisheries than the guides that depend on it. This is just a small way we can do our part to thank them.

Guides apply here for #SAVETHESEASON relief funding.

How to get involved: 

Donate directly to the fund!

Shop the SaveTheSeason collection

100% of proceeds go to the #SaveTheSeason fund.

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