5 Ways You Can Support Fly Fishing Guides During COVID-19

It’s been a tough last few weeks – a few weeks of uncertainty, worries, and sleepless nights. One thing is for certain, the best thing to do right now is to stay put. Our industry is fragile – and our guides – one of the backbones to the industry will be hurting.

With no flights and travel suspended, guides will be feeling the effects of this quarantine directly.

These are guides who rely on trips to support their families and kids. Andy Mill recently dropped a video where he talked about how you can support these guides in the near future. We wanted to share his message – and a few other ways you can support the backbone of our industry.

  1. Andy Mill said it best – if you have a trip already booked, and you can afford it – consider donating this money to your guide. They probably won’t be able to fill that spot – so you would be doing a huge favor in helping support their livelihood.
  2. Consider booking a trip for later this year – this WILL eventually pass – and we know you are going to NEED to get on the water. And if you can front the payment even better.
  3. People are going to go stir-crazy during this time of Quarantine – this is a time to convince your buddy to get into fly fishing. Send them some videos – or books – and convince them to go on a trip with you later this year. Once again, work with your guides on booking a trip.
    Here is a helpful article you can send them.
  4. Support your local fly shops. A lot of local fly shops are ramping up their online shops – and even offering curbside pickup. These shops also employ local guides – so if you were thinking about splurging on that reel – now is the time.
  5. Send your guides encouraging messages. Tell them how much being on the water means to you and how it has helped you. And that you are looking forward to getting on the water with them soon. This is a tough time for everyone – and one thing we can all be doing is be kind – and supportive. If you have a local guide that you can safely get on the water with this also might be a viable option. But be careful!
  6. Bonus – You are still allowed to drink beer. Just don’t let anyone drink out of the same can… Our friends from Sweetwater launched a beer in 2019 that gives back proceeds to the guiding community. If you are going to be slugging away – consider drinking a Guide Beer!

Be sure to check out Andy’s newest podcast here.

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