Video of the Week: ALPHLEXO

One of our favorite films from this year’s F3T is finally available at full length! Permit are arguably known as the hardest fish to catch on a fly rod, and legendary guide and Alphonse lodge manager Keith Rose-Innes explains how they’ve been able to develop a pattern to cut down those odds.

Alphlexo is the name of a specific crab fly developed by Keith and has proven to be successful on the flats. He explains that many his guides use that fly for multiple species, and have the confidence to use the same pattern all day. It is definitely a true tested fly that continues to crush the permit like no other pattern.

To learn more about this film from Keith, be sure to check out our Behind the Lens from a few months back.

Be sure to keep up with Keith and his future films on Vimeo.

The video of the week is selected and written by Fly Lords team member Conner Grimes (@doublehaulfishing).

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