Salmon River, NY Report & Tips: Feb. 13, 2020

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Lake Ontario And River Summary

The previous weekend saw lots of typical upstate NY weather. Most anglers heeded the weather and stayed home; however, a few braved the bad weather and still went out.
There were not that many anglers, but those that did fish were able to get into fish. Every week the fishing continues to improve on the river.

This Coming Weekend

If you are fishing this weekend, the challenge will be the sub-zero weather. Snow will taper off by Thursday night into Friday morning, but temperatures are going to drop and make it very cold on Valentine’s Day. Based on the weather forecast with the wind and the cold, it will feel like -25F degrees. Saturday will be a little bit warmer than Friday, and there will be some precipitation on Sunday.

The river is getting close to starting to move into drop back season. I’ve spoken to a few trusted sources, and they say its not there yet but should start soon. That will mean using different techniques and strategies. That is why we have begun to include guide tips on how to fish drop back season. Please see below.

Guide Tips

Image used by permission from @guidewayneo

Three Guide Tips For Getting Ready For Steelhead Drop Back Season from @guidewayneo who is a guide that guides on the Salmon River NY and the surrounding areas. Wayne gives us three points on how to be ready for the steelhead drop back season.

1. Dropback steelhead are hangry.
A drop back steelhead is hungrier than two guys using their fish whistle. Steelhead will be searching for baitfish, so striping or swinging streamers will produce like no other time of the year. They also like flashy items that have movement imitating baitfish.

2. Bump up your leader line
Spring normally means big water, and drop backs want to eat, so no need for light leaders.

3. Drop backs will squad up.
If you hook into a drop back in one area. Continue to work that area because drop backs like to stay together.

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Douglaston Salmon Run

Due to the weather, there are fewer anglers reporting. However, based on DSR reports and the overall pattern, we can say that the fishing continues to improve. The one or two that have reported to us stated that fish are still silver down in the DSR. If you are looking for fresh fish, give the DSR a chance by getting an afternoon pass. As soon as the sun warms up the area by lunchtime, the fish are getting ready to be active, so an afternoon pass is a great way to give it a try.

Town and Pulaski

The weather kept many anglers from fishing the area. The two anglers who reported over the weekend stated they fished from Black Hole to Lower Ballpark and the only action was at the Long Bridge.

81 to Altmar

The weather kept many anglers from fishing, but once again, the area that we received reports from were the Lower Fly Zone and School House. Additionally, there was a report from the Railroad Tracks. Otherwise, things were quiet from anglers and the river. Additionally, guides are reporting that although water is low, their clients have been happy as the low water is putting the fish in predictable places on the river.

Reports Provided by @SalmonRiverNewbie

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