Scientific Anglers Amplitude Grand Slam Line Review

You can prepare all you want for saltwater trips, but in the end, Mother Nature is going to do whatever the hell she wants. That’s why it is critical to have gear that performs when the moment arises. When you are tucked tight in between a mangrove riddled creek and have one cast to reach the fish right around the bend you need a fly line that is going to load up quickly and shoot with ease.

We found ourselves in that exact situation last week in the Everglades while searching for juvenile tarpon, redfish, and snook. After hours of scanning flats and weaving through creeks we found some snook laid up in a shallow hole thirty feet away. Tall mangroves towered over the boat on all sides, making the cast a little sketchy. No worries, the new Amplitude Grand Slam (AST Plus) from Scientific Angler got the job done. One false cast and let her rip. My fishing buddy on the bow put a nice shot right on target, the hook up was inevitable. The first of many snook we tricked with the help of the SA line. We were amazed by its casting ability.

This line is by far the slickest line we have cast, and that has a lot to do with why it casts so damn far. It’s completely textured from the tip through the running line to help with the bomb casts to moving targets, and overweight to load the rod for those quick precision casts on the flats or in close quarter mangroves. Saltwater fly-fishing is all about capitalizing on the few shots you get. There is not time for fly lines that can’t get the job done. Pick this line up for your next tropical adventure and feel the difference.

Dorn Brown is a Fly Lord’s ambassador and a member of the fly fishing club at Clemson University. Spending his summers guiding in Montana, Dorn embodies the true essence of a trout bum. However, don’t let that fool you. This guy knows how to catch all kinds of fish! From freshwater to saltwater, he does it all! For more, check out Dorn’s Instagram and online blog.

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