A Review from the Shitter: Scientific Anglers Amplitude AST Plus MPX

It just dawned on me that I should be productive during this bathroom break.

Yesterday my girlfriend caught a nice brown, and it’s got me thinking about the setup she was using when she landed the beast. Specifically the fly line.

Let’s face it. Fly lines are complicated, and with all of the new terms coming out for the science behind them, it can be pretty tough to decide which line is right for you. So let’s break down one of Scientific Angler’s (SA) newest lines into a language we can all understand.

SA’s Amplitude AST Plus MPX line is a game changer. The only reason I know this, is because I have it on my two most important rods. My 5wt Orvis Helios 2 that I use for dries, and my 6wt Scott Radian that I use for streamers, nymphs, and dries on windy days. I decided to put it on the two rigs I use most for guiding because it loads the rod better than any other line out there. Seriously, this shit turns your rod into a cannon. I regularly have clients ask me things like, “what line is this”, or “I never cast this well, what’s wrong here”. So yeah, clients notice how well it loads, which makes both our lives easier. But, most people don’t notice some of the smaller details that make this line exceptional. They don’t know that the line loads so well because it is naturally a half size heavier, or that SA has come up with a technology (AST) that makes the line crazy slick, which helps it shoot out of the guides with little to no friction. These are just a couple of the components that helped me decide on MPX for my go-to trout line.

Working on the Missouri has its ups and downs. The Mo is famous for being home to thousands of very big trout, and with that fame comes expectations. People get in a guide boat and expect to catch forty fish. Now many days those types of number are caught, but other days you’ve got to put in the work to catch a handful. The Mo demands respect from its anglers, and if you want to come out and catch some of the best trout in America, you better be able to present a fly correctly. A good fly line is crucial to making that presentation, without one you are screwed, no way around it.

Do yourself a favor and fish the truth!

Dorn Brown is a fishing guide, photographer and creator for Yellow Tree Fly Fishing. Check them out on Instagram @yellowtreeflyfishing


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