Reuben Browning is an amateur photographer from West Virginia, with a knack for capturing the beauty of his fly fishing adventures. Recently Reuben has been shooting some incredible underwater trout shots from his native waters, and I couldn’t help but ask him to share.

Reuben writes in: “All of these fish are from West Virginia and mostly small mountain streams. This is where I find suitable clear water to capture these photos.”

“I enjoy the small blue lines the most fishing mainly my 2wt and dry flys. I included a pic of my dog… she’s my sidekick and loves the water even more than I do.”

I couldn’t help but ask Reuben what camera and housing he was using to capture this incredible shots. “Some of those were with Canon 70D / Ikelite housing and some are with A6500 / Ikelite housing. They are a bit heavy and bulky but thats something that comes with the nature of the hobby.”

“The A6500 overall is smaller and the housing is also downsized as well. Most of these are made heavy because they are truly meant for diving and the weight is a counter balance and under water it sorta just sits there.. I”m always looking for better options.. the more mobile the better for me.”

 A stunning wild rainbow trout from West Virginia

 Brook Trout Perfection

 “I do streamer fish this time of year as well when the water is up.. I manage to fool a few browns but spend miles of walking normally to just to have a shot a single fish as they are very few and far in between here in WV.”

Reuben now works for an environmental/chemical company doing water treatment work after spending some years in the Air Force. At heart, he is a fish bum with an incredible love for the outdoors. Rueben just started up his Instagram account, so go give him a follow for some awesome content!

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