Pennsylvania Seeks Public Comment on New Strategic Plan for Trout Fisheries Management

Pennsylvania and trout fishing are nearly synonymous in the fly fishing realm. Once dominated by native brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout have also made the state home. Since, the state has seen a growth in wild trout populations but has failed to protect them properly, favoring stocking trout over wild trout.

Read the drafted Pennsylvania Strategic Plan for Trout Fisheries

Pennsylvania is home to 62,725 streams, creeks and rivers and 51,800 of those have not been assessed for wild trout, which make up whopping 82.6% of streams in the state. In a press release sent yesterday, the state announced that a new 4-year Strategic Plan for Management of Trout Fisheries in Pennsylvania had been drafted and will be open for public comment until June 24th. So, if you’ve ever laid a line down on any of the historic streams of PA or know someone who is passionate about the fishery, please help us take a stand and protect the state’s wild trout populations!

PA Wild Brown Trout
The wild Brown Trout of Pennsylvania need your help!

Read the drafted Strategic Plan for Trout Fisheries, and the statewide press release below:

From the PA Fish and Boat Commission:

“HARRISBURG, Pa. (May 26) —

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) is seeking public comment on a new Strategic Plan for Management of Trout Fisheries in Pennsylvania.

This updated plan for 2020-2024 was developed based on input provided by a workgroup of partners including Commission staff, anglers affiliated with several sportsmen’s organizations, and independent trout anglers.

The goal of this strategic plan is to ensure that adequate protection is afforded to Pennsylvania’s wild trout resources and that fisheries provided through the management of wild trout and stocking of adult and fingerling trout produce high-quality angling opportunities in Pennsylvania.

The plan is available online for public review and a 30-day public comment period will remain open from May 26 through June 24, 2020. Comments can be submitted through the comment portal on the PFBC website ( or mailed to PFBC, Attention: David Nihart 595 East Rolling Ridge Drive, Bellefonte, PA 16823.

The plan will be finalized during summer 2020 following consideration of public comments.”

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