How Trout Unlimited is Protecting Pennsylvania’s Wild Trout

Over the past year, Pennsylvania has protected more than a thousand miles of newly documented wild trout streams across the state with help from Trout Unlimited and other partners. These are the latest success stories from a seven-year effort to pinpoint the state’s populations of wild brook, brown, and rainbow trout so these sensitive waters can be protected in the face of ongoing development.
TU crews have surveyed more than 700 streams over the past six years, an effort it celebrates in a new short film, “86,000 Miles of Streams,” produced by award-winning photojournalist Sam Dean.
The film features Joe Baylog, president of TU’s Forks of the Delaware chapter outside Easton. Baylog is working to ensure protections for his favorite waters so his young daughter will be able to enjoy fishing for wild trout like he does. “What’s the old saying? You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?” he asks in the film.  “I think the reality is we don’t necessarily know what we have, and only thru exploration and research will we understand what we have.”
Photos and video courtesy of Sam Dean. Check him out on Instagram @sdeanphotos
Dave Kinney is Trout Unlimited‘s Mid-Atlantic Policy Director, spreading the gospel of stream restoration and conservation!


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