7 Best Cars For Fly Fishing

A fisherman’s rod and reel are as important as the vehicle that gets them there. Whether it’s a 5-minute drive to your local stream or a cross-country trip, you will need a set of wheels. Some prefer a more comfortable and luxurious transportation others prefer the “trout bum” look for their ride. This list includes a range of vehicles that standout for all types of fly fishing crazed individuals.

1. Guide’s Ride: Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition

Photo by Thom Briggs 

Probably one of the most popular and fishiest vehicles in the market, the Toyota Tacoma. This classic “Guides” ride is a brilliant midsize pickup that handles all terrains. With a rugged exterior, you can beat it up and still have it last you longer than most vehicles.

Photo by: Thom Briggs

The Tacoma is also known for abstaining from any flashy features. Pickups with off-roading capabilities tend to stay towards the utilitarian interiors and focuses on more important needs. Like, tow capacity and overnight adventures! You can tow any vessel and carry all the fishing cargo you need in one of these babies.

2. Motorcycle: Kawasaki KLR650

Photo by: Mark Quigley http://troutbumming.com/mctb.htm & http://www.naturalresourcephotography.com

For you crazy anglers that prefer to travel light with the ability to trail ride along rivers, the Kawasaki KLR650 is your way of transportation. This motorcycle allows you to reach narrow-untamed roads and trails that no other vehicle can handle. With the large saddle bag attachments and other compartments, you can pack all the fishing gear plus overnight necessities.

3. Fuel Economy: Subaru Outback

Photo and vehicle by: Scott Leuthold 

If you don’t want a mainstream – adventure vehicle, the Subaru Outback is a solid choice. It made the line-up due to its all-around capabilities and awesome fuel economy. Many believe that this car can’t go off-road and is more of a “soccer mom car”… Even though this vehicle sits lower to the ground, the Outback can make all roads accessible and handle any climates. It also holds more than just soccer balls…

Photo and vehicle by: Scott Leuthold 

Large SUVs and trucks aren’t the only vehicles that can tow your drift boat. The Outback’s flat engine design even has the ability to tow over 3000 pounds! This flat design allows for a quiet ride that will lead to more longevity for the engine.

Photo and vehicle by: Scott Leuthold 

4. Luxury: Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing Milliner

Bentley Bentayga, Iceland, July 2016 Photo James Lipman

For those who prioritize comfort, luxury, and speed, Bentley Motors has launched the Bentayga Fly Fishing Mulliner. This incredible craft has the ability to hold all of your equipment in a stylish manner while reaching incredible speeds.

Bentley Bentayga, Iceland, July 2016 Photo James Lipman 

Four rods can be stored in special tubes trimmed in leather, landing nets in matching leather bags are stored in the carpet-trimmed hard pocket, and waders and boots are conveniently stowed in a leather-wrapped wood trunk, lined with hard-wearing neoprene material to keep the items in a waterproof environment after use. At the heart of the Bentayga are three individual units: a master tackle station, a refreshment case, and waterproof wader-stowage trunk. These units house a fly-tying vice and tools, aluminum reel cases, food compartments, metal flasks, and a set of Mulliner fine-china tableware.

Bentley Bentayga, Iceland, July 2016 Photo James Lipman 

This vehicle allows anglers to fish with class and brings all the comforts to the stream; however, it will definitely hurt the bank account.

5. Muscle SUV: Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is one badass looking vehicle. A muscle SUV that can haul your water vessel to the most difficult access points. With innovative storage, you can jampack everything you need and ditch a rod holder. Store your rods inside the car without breaking them down and store everything else on the roof!

Photo by: @doublehaulfishing

SUV-hungry buyers should definitely consider the 4Runner. It is a distinctive vehicle that is rugged and has off-road capabilities, yet it’s spacious and family-friendly. Sure, it lacks many of the technical features you’ll find in other SUVs, but there’s an honesty to the 4Runner and just-right goodness that keeps it relevant. It won’t be for everyone, but it’ll be exactly what a great many want.

Photo by: @doublehaulfishing

6. Cross Country Vehicle: Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Van

Photo by @sportsmobilewest

If Godzilla ever got married to a vehicle, the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Van would totally be it. Leg room will never be an issue and neither should the overnight adventures. Pack a family of fishermen along with the dog and drift boat, because this giant can take you through the snowy mountains all the way to the sandy beaches. Qualified for off-road trails, this van can still give you lateral stability and traction no other van can provide.

7. “The Trout Bum’s Vehicle”

Photo: Gabe Boline (@gabeboline7)

The trout-patterned paint job will immediately let everyone know where they are going… straight to the water. This trout mobile owner makes it known to others his true love and is not ashamed to show it.

Photo by: Chad Chorney (@rchadchorneyphotography)

The true bum vehicles have cracked windshields from extreme temperature changes, flies stuck to the roof, prostaff hats sitting on the dash, fly rods that separate passengers, stickers on the rear window, snack wrappers on the floor, and last but not least, the best vehicles have paint the color of the fish they target!

Photo by: Mark Lance (@riverlightimages)

Some anglers prefer the “rundown” look and have the ideology that as long as you can get to the water, you’ve got a good ride. Fly fishing is known to be thought as a simplistic way of being with nature and like to demonstrate their simplicity through their rides.

This article was written by Flylords Team Member Collin Terchanik .

Header photo by Gabe Boline.

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