Patagonia Releases Shareable “We Stand for the Water We Stand In” Poster

If you’ve been on fly fishing social media lately, you’ve likely seen this graphic pop on your feed. And there is more behind the graphic than just the important voting message it carries. The message is one we easily identify with and continues to bolster the concept of “Think Globally, Act Locally” with regards to the health and sustainability of our Nation’s fisheries as we look to the 2020 election in less than 30 days.

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From Patagonia:

“It’s our job to inspire, educate and support a broad-based community of fish activists,” said Ted Manning, Patagonia’s director of fly fishing. “Patagonia’s mission is to save our home planet, and for us, specifically, to fight for wild fish and wild waters. We’re constantly searching for innovative ways to get that message across. We wanted creativity and spirit, and we wanted it out before the upcoming election because the stakes are so high.”

The poster’s proclamation, “We Stand for the Waters We Stand In,” is inspired by a Wendell Berry poem titled “Below.” Berry, known for his longstanding activism and an inspiring, prolific body of work, writes:

All my dawns cross the horizon
and rise, from underfoot.
What I stand for
is what I stand on.

“We really hope that our take, ‘We Stand for the Waters We Stand In,’ will resonate and inspire anglers to activism,” added Manning. “It’s a simple message, but it’s powerful. It works hand in hand with Patagonia’s ongoing “It’s All Home Water” storytelling, emphasizing our commitment to support anglers who are fighting to ensure a future that includes wild fish and wild waters.”

The design recalls the supersaturated colors and the retro-kitsch aesthetic of midcentury modern graphic design. “There is a warmth to old fishing ephemera that everyone who worked on this responded to,” said Dan Cassaro of The Young Jerks. “Combining that with the immediacy and importance of a political poster felt like an exciting mix. It’s impossible to not feel the urge to help when you see the world on fire every day.”

If you feel so inclined you can download and share the poster, here.

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