NFTs Have Officially Entered the Fly Fishing World

Whelp, the worlds of fly fishing and NFT’s have collided, which may irk some folks, but at least the proceeds from these will benefit coldwater conservation. According to their OpenSea page, “A collection created by two brothers, The Trippytroutclub intends to help conservation and restoration efforts of native Southern Appalachian Brook Trout populations. A percentage of proceeds from the project will be donated to a nonprofit based in conservation.”

What do you think? Do NFTs have a place in fly fishing?

From Catchflo:

Catchflo, fly fishing’s only fly fishing-themed casual footwear brand, has partnered with the fly fishing NFT (non-fungible token) pioneering company Trippytroutclub on their NFT collection. Catchflo and Trippytroutclub will collaborate on a new Trippytroutclub footwear series showcasing Trippytroutclub’s NFT collection in real life. Catchflo’s Trippytroutclub footwear series will feature Catchflo’s highly popular canvas slip-on shoe style in three (3) designs of the trout species that comprise Trippytroutclub’s NFT collection; brook, brown, and rainbow trout. NFT holders within Trippytroutclub’s NFT project will also have the opportunity to customize their pair of Catchflo’s, by being able to add their personal NFT to their pair of Catchflo Trippytroutclubs which allows NFT holders to own and wear a physical world item reflection of their digital NFT holding.

Founded in May 2021, Catchflo is the fly fishing industry’s only fly fishing-themed casual footwear brand. Catchflo founder, Dan Moyers, created the brand and company to address a fly fishing market void of fun casual fly fishing themed footwear that allows folks to express their passion off the water.

Founded by two brothers in 2021, Trippytroutclub is an NFT collection whose mission is to help in the conservation and restoration efforts of native Southern Appalachian Brook Trout populations. Trippytroutclub’s NFT collection showcases 4,444 hand-drawn and completely unique “Trippy Trout”, with a percentage of its NFT sales being donated to a nonprofit working in conservation and restoration.

Through their partnership, Catchflo is supporting Trippytroutclub as it pioneers NFT’s within the fly fishing industry and is doing so with an extra unique angle through conservation. In partnering with and supporting Tripptroutclub, Catchflo is excited to be teaming with the company in raising awareness around conservation and restoration, and introducing the fly fishing industry to NFT’s for the first time as Trippytroutclub showcases the potential of NFT’s in fly fishing.”


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