What’s Open? Fly Fishing Destinations Open for American Anglers

The travel itch is hitting everyone hard as we round into the 2nd year of the impacts of COVID-19. With vaccinations rolling out and some international borders opening up to popular destinations, we thought it worthy to build a quick list of places you can travel to from the US right now with proper health and safety practices. Currently, most countries have varying degrees of testing required, and you can find out exact details on the US State Department’s COVID-19 Traveller Information Page.

Open destinations can be found via this complete list, or at Travel.gov.

Below we’ll break down the list of popular fly fishing destination countries currently open to travel, and what you need to do to safely and healthily enter their borders and chase the fish that call their waters home!

#1 – Keep It Local: American Destinations

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the wealth of incredible fly fishing available inside the borders of the United States. Nearly every state has a fishery worth exploring with a guide by your side or DIY, and with less of the overall risk and cost of traveling internationally. On top of that, many American fly fishing guides took a big hit around this time last year, and they can use all the business we can give them.

#2 – The Bahamas

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#3 – Belize

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#4 – Bolivia

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#5 – Brazil

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#6 – Chile

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#7 – Columbia

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#8 – Costa Rica

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#9 – Guyana

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#10 – Honduras 

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#11 – The Maldives

Katka Švagrová with a Bluefin Trevally in the Maldives. Photo from Martin Dvorak (@mdx_flyfishing).

#12 – Mexico

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#13 – Seychelles (with a caveat)

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Currently, the only way for US citizens to enter these Indian Ocean islands is if you have already received both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine and can also show a negative PCR test prior to entry.

This is not an exhaustive list, just a distillation of destinations popular with the fly fishing community.

Open destinations can be found via this complete list, or at Travel.gov.

We will do our best to keep this page updated as more countries lift restrictions and begin to allow travel.

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