They Look Badass

Who doesn’t want to be holding a giant fish, with massive teeth that literally looks like 24 Karat gold?! Let’s be honest, the Golden Dorado might be the coolest looking fish a Fly Angler can target.

They live in incredible places

The Golden Dorado can be found in central and east-central South America. For the most part, you are hunting these fish in a jungle landscape, although they can also be targeted in lagoon environments in parts of Argentina. If you want to cross this fish off your bucket list you must be willing to go on an adventure. You won’t find them in a stocked pond in the backyard… You will have to take a few flights, and put in the work to have a chance, but trust me, it’s worth it.

The Acrobatics

I once read that the Golden Dorado is like a brown trout mixed with a Tarpon, and I couldn’t agree more. They will smack a fly like a big hungry brown and shake there head often taking you for long runs. They are also some of the most acrobatic fish you can target on a fly rod. They will most definitely get airborne, and watching a golden fish jump several feet out of the water in front of you will take your breath away.

The Eat!

One of the most incredible parts of chasing the Golden Dorado on a fly rod is the way that they eat your fly. Most often you are throwing a big black and purple fly with a wire leader. If these fish are hungry you can often site cast to them and watch them eat your fly, this visual experience is unforgettable.

The Experience

When you decide you are going to cross this fish off your bucket list, you are signing up for a full-on adventure. Actually holding one of these fish, and snapping a few photos will be such a small part of the trip. The people you meet, the challenges you overcome, and the places you get to see are what make this experience so incredible. Take a chance, be a badass, and save up for a Dorado trip. You will not be disappointed.


If you are interested in booking a trip, feel free to reach out, we would love to talk you through some options!

The photos above were shot with Angling Frontiers, on our 10-day expedition up the Amazon River.

The video was shot at Tsimane Lodge, another option located in Bolivia.

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Costa Behind the Guides: Dave McCoy


    • Jared, you got it right! Dorado are one of my favorites. The big rivers have their own appeal just like the headwater trips. My dad and I have done some incredible trips together and the one for Dorado on the Paranha was one of our favorite bucket list trips.

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