Arapaima on the Fly: New Film From Costa Sunglasses

Fly fishing’s entire culture revolves around the idea of traveling the world and catching that next species of fish. It is in a fly fisherman’s DNA to go to inconceivable lengths to explore the unheard regions of the earth.

Who knew that next species could potentially save a country’s way of life? A Costa & Indifly production Jungle Fish, is a community and conservation film that takes you to the jungles of a tiny South American village in the country of Guyana. Here a group of pro anglers attempts to do something no one has ever done before, catch the arapaima in the wild using a fly. This vehement beast is the largest freshwater fish in the world and breathes the air us fishermen breathe, making this one extraordinary creature.

If the group achieves this goal, the opportunity to host fishermen will preserve the people of Guyana’s way of life and promote the protection of their rainforests.  Through Costa Sunglasses’ study of establishing a sport-fishing industry in indigenous countries, Indifly projects have popped up around the globe, providing reliable income to previously impoverished peoples.

Photos Courtesy of Jim Klug. See his other work on Instagram @jtklugphotography

Collin Terchanik is a Fly Lords contributor out of Central Pennsylvania. Check him out on Instagram @c_terch


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