So it all began with Jon (@troutcastz) asking me if I wanted to take a short trip to Norway to shoot some flyfishing. As I like challenges I didn’t hesitate to take his bait. I knew that I didn’t have the lens required to shoot from a distance so I decided to purchase a new 70-200 just for this occasion. Jon also went and purchased some waders for me so that I could be able to walk with him in the water.


When we first arrived in Otta, Norway, the circumstances were perfect. The water was low in the river and it was going to be easy to wade alongside Jon. We geared up and after a short while of shooting the rain started to pour down. I managed to get some neat shots in the rain before my camera just stopped working.

I panicked and we hurried back home to make sure that the camera could dry out. After an hour or so it came back to life and I was all set for the next day.


We went out quite early, somewhere around 9 am, and had decided to stay out as long as we needed to get some neat shots. I didn’t really know what to expect but had a vision of what images I wanted to bring back home. When golden hour started to close in on us the light hit Jon just perfect and it allowed me to take some really dope photos.


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