New World Record Siberian Taimen on Fly

Featured image from IGFA

The Siberian Taimen (Hucho taimen) is amongst the largest salmonids on the planet capable of living over 55 years and growing well over 100 pounds in the wild. Large, predatory fish, Taimen are known to eat just about anything that enters their aquatic territory and are known to eat large rodents and birds off the surface. A now-famous fly fishing target, the Taimen is receiving more attention, especially where conservation is concerned, which probably helped produce the latest world record Taimen on the fly!

From IGFA:

“Russian angler Ilya Sherbovich visited the Tugur River, Russia, late last year in search of record-setting taimen; the trip was a success, to say the least. Not only did he set the new IGFA All-Tackle World Record, but he also set the IGFA Men’s 12, 16, and 20 lb Tippet Class World Records for taimen. His heaviest catch maxed out his 50-kilogram scale, so the catch was officially recorded at 48.62-kilograms (107-pounds, 3-ounces) once the weight of the sling was deducted, although the fish was likely larger than the approved weight. He caught all four fish while fly fishing weighed them in a sling, and released them all to fight another day. Congratulations, Ilya, on four amazing fly fishing World Records and two Taimen over 100-pounds on the fly.”

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  1. The skill it would take to land a hundred pound anything is absolutely amazing!!!! What a experience that must have been!!!!

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