This year a social media trend swept through fly fishing, and its name was “Jakoing”. Of course, the name stems from our good friend and epic fly angler, Jako Lucas, and his legendary fly fishing images. So we sat down with Capt. Jack himself and asked him to further explain “Jakoing”:

Flylords: What is Jakoing?

Jako: Well, I think the boys from BadFish had the best explanation for it: Jakoing: (verb) pronounced (Yakoing) -The art of being super hyped about your catch. Hahaha. Honesty, it’s just a moment of pure joy and happiness. Everyone that knows the reality of fishing, knows that these moments don’t come often. I appreciate every fish that I am privileged enough to catch, and this is just what happens. For me, it is a happy place and just love every moment of what I do and work for.

Flylords: When did this phenomenon begin?

Jako: This all started with my good friends David Mangum and Joe Koehly having a bit of fun on the water. The first “jakoing” happened a long time ago, more than a decade ago, when I started guiding out in the Seychelles, with my good friend Tim Babich. Basically, we were guiding clients into there fish of a lifetime and not only was it a moment of pure joy, but some of these fish were just too hard to land. So not only is it a combination of stoke, happiness, joy, relief but also grinding those muscles to pick those fish up.

Flylords: Can you describe the proper form of a Jakoing pose?

Jako: First of all, you just need to appreciate and respect the fish that made this whole moment possible. So don’t keep it in the air forever. Quick up and down. Then just soak it all in and realize that you don’t know when this moment will happen again. Head up, scream and laugh so that everyone in the world can enjoy the moment with you.

Flylords: How do you see Jakoing evolving heading into 2019?

Jako: Well for me it is all about growing the sport that we love so much. We need future generations to share this passion with us. Social media and all that aside let’s just be ourselves and enjoy fly fishing. Be innovative and contribute positively. But respect the people that made this all possible for us and always help with conservation efforts where possible.

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