Looking to scratch that flats itch and escape the cold in 2021? A fly fishing trip to the Bahamas may be your best and safest option to travel this season. Just a short flight from the mainland US, the Bahamas has been able to maintain low COVID case numbers through the implementation of government subsidized testing and standard social distancing measures.

The Bahamas is recording an average of 9 cases a day across all the islands, and Abaco averages 0 cases per day with the occasional exception. It was recently named by endcoronavirus.org as one of the countries doing the best at stopping the spread of COVID.

In order to enter the country, visitors are required to submit a simple RT-PCR COVID test up to 5 days before arrival. We recommend the Pixel test, which is done by mail and typically gives you results within 3 or 4 days. After a negative test, visitors are issued a Bahamas Travel Health Visa for $60, which covers your cost for a rapid COVID test after 5 days in the Bahamas. This rapid test is issued on-site at the Delphi Club and is eligible for your legal return to the US under the new international travel policies if it is taken within 3 days of your departure from the Bahamas.

Trips between 5 and 8 days are recommended so you don’t have to pay for additional testing. All in all, it’s about 30 minutes of paperwork and a short nose probe before breakfast on your 5th day of fishing. For more information on getting to and from the Bahamas, click here.

Now that we’ve sorted that out, it’s on to the fishing. High season in the Bahamas is typically between February and May, when the water on the flats begins to warm up and the weather is more generous to the needs of sight fishermen. We see large – sometimes incredible – numbers of bonefish on the flats at this time of year as they are in full eating mode without the distractions of spawning or uncomfortable cold water.

Bonefish can be found on all corners of Abaco, but anglers often overlook some of the other species to be caught on fly in this incredible place. Triggerfish, barracuda, and permit can all be found in similar sight fishing scenarios. If the rain levels are right, there are even opportunities to hook up a few juvenile tarpon between 5 and 30 pounds.

Flylords recommends the Delphi Club in Abaco for travelers looking to be assured of utmost COVID safety alongside world-class accommodation and great fishing. We were lucky enough to spend some time at Delphi in 2019. Check out the video below for a taste of what your experience might be like.


Upcoming 2021 Availability:

  • March, 16 – 22 / 6 rooms
  • April, 4-13 / 4 rooms
  • April, 24-30 / 5 rooms
  • May, 7-15 / 3 rooms
  • May, 23 – 26 / 3 rooms
  • June, 3 – 9 / 3 rooms

There are also prime permit dates available in October and November of 2021.

For more information on booking a trip to the Delphi Club, shoot us an email at travel@theflylords.com. Detailed rates can be seen here

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