Mahi-mahi A.K.A. dolphin fish, are a non-native species to the Mediterranean sea. They came into these waters from tropical areas due to global warming over the last decade. It’s quite unique to catch Mahi from the beach on a fly rod, and it´s even more interesting that can happen in Croatia!

We travel to different areas of Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik every year, and we are always successful!

To be honest, it doesn’t matter where you are fishing… It’s just important to be patient and have a few good tips from the locals who know what they are doing.

Finding these fish is hard work, days full of casting and searching, but that makes it even more satisfying when you finally see some of these colored beauties cruising through the crystal clear water!


I use the 7wt Arcticsilver fly fishing rod and their floating line, with 0.30mm tippet and flies which looks like small baitfish or squid. Sometimes we use spin rods and a popper as a teaser, when we see schools of Mahi it’s time to take the fly rod out.
These fish tend to travel in bigger schools, from 4 fish to hundreds of them! They swim along the beaches and hunt for small mullet, sardines and needlefish. Schools of Mahi are often followed by bluefish. You have to use a wire leader when targeting the blues because with a normal leader you don’t have a chance to win the fight!

Fighting these golden predators is pretty cool, even if they are just babies!

If you would like to know more about this fishery, you can find Katka on Instagram: @katka_svagrova!

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