On the Water with Deschutes Native Guide Matt Mendes

"Feel the revolution, fly fishing for a passion with tribal heritage." Flylords caught up with Oregon based fly fishing guide Matt Mendes, who is...

Faces of Fly Fishing – Jasper Pääkkönen

We had the pleasure of catching up with Finnish film actor and entrepreneur, Jasper Pääkkönen. You may know him from his international breakthrough role...
ben sittig with red fish

Faces of Fly Fishing: Ben Sittig (Huge Fly Fisherman)

In this installment of Faces of Fly Fishing, we had the pleasure to sit down with Youtube personality, Husband, Father, and angler, Ben Sittig...

Behind the Fish: Steelhead/Salmon Biology with Scientist John McMillan

Introducing the Behind the Fish Series, where we go one-on-one with various different fishery scientists across the world to better understand a specific species...

Carp on the Fly with Chris Fowler

Flylords caught up with Chris Fowler, a carp obsessed angler based down in Texas to learn more about why he loves carp so much...

Featured Fly Tyer: Coastfly

Welcome to our Featured Fly Tyers series! Each month we will be highlighting a different fly designer to learn more about what they do,...

Faces of Fly Fishing: Jeff Currier

We had the opportunity to sit down with iconic angler, Jeff Currier. His notoriety as an angler came from public speaking seminars, writings, travels, and...
headshot of george daniel

Faces of Fly Fishing: George Daniel

In this installment of Faces of Fly Fishing, Flylords had the chance to catch up with the man who's just about done it all....

Behind the Scenes with Linda Leary of Fishe Wear

Linda Leary is an Alaskan fly-fisherwoman who owns the fun and fashionable women's clothing and accessories brand, Fishe Wear. We caught up with Linda...

Staying Afloat #6: Lael Paul Johnson

Introducing the Staying Afloat Series, where we take an inside look into the lives of many different fly fishing guides, shops, brands, and lodges across the...

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